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Manhattan real estate is overwhelming, confusing and even scary at times. Buying a home is the largest and most important investment that you and your family might ever make, and it's really complicated with time-sensitive transactions, convoluted contracts, and terrifying interviews with co-op boards. Imagine you got a board turn-down or you lost an apartment that you loved because of a bidding war; these are the types of things that can make your experience turn from exciting to frustrating. This is where Stefani comes in. 

Stefani is really proud that her clients trust her with the enormous responsibility of helping them navigate this maze. She isn’t just an expert in real estate for over a decade who has closed over $200M in deals. She’s also a certified financial planner and holds a Master’s degree in psychology. Most of her business comes from repeat clients, and she doesn’t think that there's a more powerful testimonial to her dedication than that.

As a single mom, taking care of your family at the highest level allows Stefani to take care of hers. She has won numerous awards and gotten a ton of press, but this isn't really about Stefani. It’s all about you and your dream!

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