6 Reasons to Work With a Luxury Real Estate Agent

6 Reasons to Work With a Luxury Real Estate Agent

  • Sukenik Glazer Team
  • 01/6/22

If you’re buying or selling New York City real estate, odds are it’s an expensive property and thus fits the formal category of luxury real estate.

Luxury real estate is defined as properties valued at over two million dollars, and in New York City, some homes can sell for tens of millions of dollars. If that describes your case, you should work with a luxury real estate agent who focuses on transactions involving these special properties. 

Luxury real estate agents are used to handling transactions for expensive properties, particularly for individuals with high net worth. Those individuals have different needs and wants than normal buyers. They look for well-appointed properties in exclusive neighborhoods, often with high-end amenities.

Regardless of your background or reasons for transacting in luxury real estate, you should definitely go with an experienced pro who knows the ins and outs of these deals. For instance, a Tribeca real estate agent would be highly qualified to sell a stunning loft that this post-industrial neighborhood is renowned for.

There are many other neighborhoods in New York where a luxury real estate agent would be a big asset. They include the Upper West Side, Upper East Side, Chelsea, and the West Village.

How to find that great agent

Keep in mind that transactions for luxury properties are usually more detailed and complex than lower-priced real estate. In order to avoid any mistakes that can cost valuable time and money, it’s critical that you find the most experienced agent possible.

To get started on the adventure of shopping for West Village brownstones or other choice luxury property in the city, do some thorough research on local luxury agents to find the one who will represent your best interests throughout the process.

The best referrals always come from satisfied clients. You may already know someone who has recently purchased a luxury property, so ask if they were satisfied with their agent. Another way to find a good agent is by reading testimonials on their websites.

Once you’ve narrowed down your list, interview the top three candidates to get a feel for their level of experience, their trustworthiness, and their communication skills. Have them detail the transactions they’ve handled during the last few years, including during the pandemic when the market was particularly volatile.

Be sure to ask how the agent would personally help you find your chosen property, say Chelsea houses for sale, that meet your criteria.

Once you’ve settled on an agent, you’re set to go!

If you’re still not convinced, here are some more specific reasons why you should work with a luxury real estate agent:

Years of expertise

When dealing with real estate this exclusive, you want to be represented by the most experienced, knowledgeable agent possible. Whether you’re desiring West Village brownstones or Tribeca lofts, luxury properties are very different compared to lower-priced properties.

Good agents know where the greatest luxury properties are, and how to match up clients. Some buyers might want to live where there are many cultural attractions and posh shops - a good fit for the Upper East or West Side. Others might want to find the best of West Village’s brownstones or dream of a trendy loft in one of Tribeca’s historic industrial buildings.

Experienced agents know where the best of everything is in these neighborhoods, including schools, restaurants, and nightspots.

Exclusive listings

An agent who specializes in luxury properties will have access to listings that other agents won’t, giving buyers a wider selection of properties to consider. Some luxury agents with wide networks also will have access to properties that haven’t even been entered into the listing services, as high-worth sellers want the sale of their property to be handled confidentially.

Great agents are able to match up buyers with these kinds of exclusive properties.


The longer an agent has been representing buyers and sellers of luxury properties, the wider and more established their network of connections will be. Experienced agents have built up business relationships with other agents and brokers in the neighborhoods they serve — such as in Tribeca luxury homes — as well as with developers, who are constantly building new properties.

Reliable connections

Due to those strong relationships and connections, an agent can find out about properties before they are listed. If those properties are what you are looking for, it might give you a head start in scheduling a viewing.

Your agent will also be able to recommend top-notch contractors and service providers, should you want to customize your new West Village abode. Their personal and longstanding connection with these contractors will ensure that you get the best work, not a shoddy job from an unknown provider.

Work closely with clients

Luxury real estate agents take the time to work closely with their clients to get a clear understanding of what they want and need in a new home. They’ll ask about everything from location to the size to the specific amenities in order to match a property to a buyer. Once the agent has a clear picture, they’ll begin to locate specific listings.

Expert negotiators

An agent with years of experience in Manhattan real estate will instantly know the value of luxury properties — a luxe West Village pied-a-terre is no Upper East Side mansion — the minute they walk in with you for a showing. With this expertise, they’ll negotiate hard on your behalf to get a deal for what the property is truly worth.

Agents have access to up-to-date prices from the sale of comparable properties, and a good luxury real estate agent will be able to eyeball those “comps” to make sure you’re getting the fairest deal possible.

These are just a few starting points as to why you should work with a luxury real estate agent when looking for homes in Greenwich Village or your other chosen neighborhood.

If you plan to buy or sell luxury property in the near future, work with The Sukenik Glazer Team to enjoy experts dedicated to the best client service.



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